Environmental Policy


The management and the employees use all efforts to minimise the negative impact on the environment connected with activities of Agromaks Sp. z o.o.

Therefore, activities of our company are based on the Environmental Management System consistent with PN-EN ISO 14001:2005.

We set the following goals and undertake to:

  • Act in accordance with the Environment Protection laws and other environmental regulations applicable to our activities.
  • Reasonably consume energy, fuels and water.
  • Decrease the risk of environmental accidents.
  • Encourage suppliers and subcontractors to be more aware of their responsibility for the environment, to implement own environmental programmes and apply the sustainable development policy.
  • Limit the possible negative impact on the natural environment through decreasing consumption of paper materials and generated waste.
  • Minimise the possible negative impact on the environment through teaching the employees and paying special attention to the waste segregation processes in all areas of the company’s activities.

The policy is executed through:

  • Engagement of the Top Management in actions aimed at development of the company in accordance with the environment protection rules.
  • Improving knowledge of the employees through informing them about the company policy concerning environment protection and appropriate training programmes.
  • Shaping positive relations with the surrounding through informing the customers and suppliers about execution of the environment protection policy.
  • Establishing environmental goals and planning tasks based on significant environmental aspects.

The Management Board of Agromaks Sp. z o.o. undertakes to secure resources allowing execution of the adopted, implemented and maintained policy and assures that it is publicly available and communicated to the employees and all persons working for the company.

Mizerka, December 2016

President of the Management Board:
Arkadiusz Wilanowski

Vice-president of the Management Board:
Jarosław Aubrecht Prądzyński