Product Safety
and Quality Policy


The principal goal of Agromaks Sp. z o.o. is to deliver products and services guaranteeing quality and safety within the scope of production and performance of services, meeting requirements and expectations of the customers and legal requirements.

Agromaks executes a complex approach to quality and safety management and undertakes to:

  • Constantly improve the Quality and Safety Management System based on PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 and the requirements of HACCP system.
  • Observe the legal regulations and the related provisions concerning the company’s activities.
  • Constantly improve quality and health safety of products and services.
  • Maintain effective internal and external communication connected with quality and safety of manufactured goods/rendered services.
  • Purchase materials from approved suppliers guaranteeing safety and proper quality of manufactured goods/rendered services.
  • Constantly develop skills of the employees and improve their qualifications understood as expanding substantive knowledge and experience, building awareness with respect to quality and safety so that the employees perform their duties with due diligence.
  • Use results of analyses to improve quality and safety of the offered products.
  • Monitor parameters affecting quality and health safety of the offered products.
  • Strive to minimise the complaints ratio through modernisation of production lines, purchase of modern equipment and improvement of quality of services and offered products.
  • Confirm effectiveness of the quality and safety management systems for the products through internal and external audits.

The goals are achieved through:

  • Engagement of the employees and the Top Management in continuous improvement of quality and safety of the product in all departments and at all work positions.
  • Implementation of modern solutions allowing continuous improvement of internal procedures leading to strengthening of the position and achieving success on the market.
  • Conducting internal audits in order to monitor processes affecting quality and safety of products and services.
  • Knowledge of the market of suppliers and their proper selection.
  • Individual approach to each customer.

The Management Board of Agromaks Sp. z o.o. undertakes to secure resources allowing execution of the adopted, implemented and maintained policy and assures that it is publicly available and communicated to the employees and all interested parties.

Mizerka, April 2017

President of the Management Board:
Arkadiusz Wilanowski

Vice-president of the Management Board:
Jarosław Aubrecht Prądzyński