Health and Safety at Work Policy


The Agromaks Ltd. company's highest objective is to provide products and services in the sorting, sharing, cooling, freezing and storage of animal category 3 animal by-products and the storage of food products of plant and animal origin, guaranteeing quality and safety, meeting the requirements and expectations of customers, legal and other requirements, and the requirements of the Parties concerned, which result from the Organization's context.

The ultimate goal of the company's health and safety in relation to all other purposes is to prevent accidents, minimize the risk of their occurrence and create and maintain a healthy, safe environment for employees, guests, subcontractors and other interested parties affected by company activities.

The company's Top Management is committed to ensuring safe and hygienic working conditions to prevent injuries and ill-health in the workplace, to minimize the risks and risks of occupational accidents and the risk of occupational diseases through rational use of resources and the implementation of employee consultation and participation at all levels of the company's operations to improve the occupational safety and health management system. To achieve this, the company's strategy in the field of occupational health and safety is based on the implemented in accordance with the ISO 45001: 2018 System of Occupational Health and Safety Management.

The commitment of Agromaks Ltd. to create a healthy and safe working environment is reflected in the following principles of operation:

  • taking responsibility for preventing injuries and ill health related to work and potentially accidental events.
  • development and application of effective and controlled systems, standards and procedures of health and safety at work that are adequate to the risks associated with the company's business operations.
  • compliance with legal regulations and other requirements regarding health and safety at work.
  • consulting and participation of employees and subcontractors in the scope of development, planning, implementation, evaluation of results and actions for improving the health and safety management system.
  • ensuring fire safety in the company.
  • ensuring safety in the event of leakage of hazardous substances.
  • identification of hazards and harmful factors, their evaluation and taking actions to reduce occupational risk.
  • ensuring an understanding of health and safety policy, improving employees' qualifications and knowledge in the field of health and safety.
  • informing employees about the results of OHS activities, the results of research into harmful factors in the work environment, and effective communication and stimulation of behaviors to prevent dangerous events.
  • conducting an open and active dialogue with the Parties concerned.
  • - monitoring of subcontractors and raising their awareness in the field of occupational health and safety at the premises of Agromaks.

The designated Policies and objectives are implemented by:

  • involvement of all employees and the Top Management in the continuous improvement of the occupational safety and health management system in all departments and at each workplace.
  • raising the knowledge of its employees by informing about the company's health and safety policy and relevant training programs.
  • implementation of modern solutions and technical skills allowing for continuous improvement of internal operating procedures, which should lead to the improvement of work safety.
  • conducting internal health and safety audits in order to monitor processes affecting the safety and health of employees, subcontractors and other interested parties.
  • setting health and safety goals and planning tasks based on the results of the inspection.
  • regular reviews of policies, procedures and instructions.

The highest Company Management Agromaks Ltd. is committed to securing resources and optimal conditions ensuring the implementation of adopted, implemented and maintained policy and quality objectives, and ensures that it is publicly available, communicated and understood to the employees of the company and all interested parties.

Mizerka, January 2019

President of the Board:
Arkadiusz Wilanowski

Vice President of the Board:
Jarosław Aubrecht Prądzyński