Privacy policy

Agromaks Sp. z o.o. undertakes to respect your privacy in the Internet and use all efforts in order to properly secure all data entrusted to the company (“personal data”).

Personal data means data used to identify a specific person including: name and surname, home or correspondence address, e-mail address and other information making contacting that person possible. We also inform you that the websites of Agromaks Sp. z o.o. may be browsed without providing any personal data.

If you decide to provide us with your personal data, they can be used only within the Agromaks Sp. z o.o. company or presented to our partners, customers and suppliers without the possibility of their processing and forwarding to any third parties and external entities.


The Agromaks website uses cookies and other identification technologies. Cookies are small text files used for example to gather information about activities on a given website. Some cookies and other tracking technologies are used to reach the personal data previously provided by the user of a given website. The majority of web browsers allows control of cookies, including their acceptance or refusal, as well as the manner of their removal. The majority of browsers offer a setting which announces that a cookie file was received, you can also block cookies.

The tracking technologies may record such information as: name of host or domain, IP address, type of browser and operating system, sequences of keys, date and time of visit on the website. Using cookies and other tracking technologies allows us to introduce corrections and improvements on our websites, which positively affects their receipt. It also allows us to analyse information which do not contain personal data for statistical purposes and to determine interest in specific parts of the website.


Regardless of where personal data is stored (at Agromaks Sp. z o.o. or stored by other entities acting on its behalf), we undertake to take appropriate actions aimed at protecting them against unauthorised access or disclosure to any third parties.

Privacy rules concerning children

The website is not designated for children. Therefore, we are not going to collect any personal data from persons below 16 years of age.

Granting consent

Using this website means that you agree for terms and conditions presented above.

If you have any questions connected with privacy and related to use of the Agromaks website, please send your enquiries to: